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We power your core business needs

Our Business Services

Our services include wide range of business and corporate needs. We have helped entrepreneurs around the globe start companies since 2014.

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Individual, Company & Firm Registration

Register your company in 4 easy simple steps. Arrange the documents and let us do the rest for you.

Tax Filing

File your tax returns timely to get benefits and get the status of Filer. Wealth statement are also reconciled and filed along with the tax return forms. Audited accounts are prepared on demand.

Corporate Matters

Private limited companies are registered with SECP where we assist you and draft the legal documents. We deal in company matters and help you file statutory returns. 

Civil Litigation

Civil suits, amendments, appeals, review and revision are entertained at our office.

Contracts & Agreements

 Drafting legal contracts and agreements is an art. We draft probates and legal documents according to the demand of our valueable clients.

Intellectual Property Rights

We provide services in Trademark, Copyright and patent registration. We also deal in Trademarks and copyrights Infringement cases

Family Laws

Legal Registration of Marriages, dissolutions, guardianship, custody, arbitration, Attested documents from NADRA. Moreover Christian Marriages and registration. 

Cyber-crime Laws

The law dealing with cyber crimes in Pakistan is applicable to every citizen of Pakistan wherever he may be and to every other person who is stationed in Pakistan for the time being.

Our Fields

Corporate Law

Providing complete list of corporate services.

Civil Law

Providing all kinds of civil legal services and assistance throughout

Family Law

Providing family law services including online marriages and ancillary services.

Our Track Record

We have always been a platform where we help businesses and large corporations with their tax and legal matters. Also we have facilities for civil and family matters.


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We provide complete list of professional legal services and charge very affordable fees . Plus we make sure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of our services. We also have after hour helpline service that can connect our clients to the available lawyers in the after hours.


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